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Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name E-Content
1 I Year I Semester Financial Accounting View Pdf
2 I Year I Semester Business Communication View Pdf
3 I Year I Semester Business Economics View Pdf
4 I Year I Semester NME View Pdf
5 I Year II Semester Advanced Financial Accounting View Pdf
6 I Year II Semester Principles of Management. View Pdf
7 I Year II Semester Indian Economy View Pdf
8 I Year II Semester NME View Pdf
9 II Year III Semester Corporate Accounting - I View Pdf
10 II Year III Semester Business Laws View Pdf
11 II Year III Semester Banking Theory Law and Practice View Pdf
12 II Year III Semester Marketing View Pdf
13 II Year III Semester Business statistics View Pdf
14 II Year IV Semester Advanced Corporate Accounting View Pdf
15 II Year IV Semester Company Law View Pdf
16 II Year IV Semester Financial Services View Pdf
17 II Year IV Semester Indirect Taxation View Pdf
18 DOUBT- SUB NA Elements of Operations Research View Pdf
19 II Year IV Semester Environmental studies View Pdf
20 III Year V Semester Elements of Cost Accounting View Pdf
21 III Year V Semester Practical Auditing View Pdf
22 III Year V Semester Entrepreneurial Development View Pdf
23 III Year V Semester Financial Management View Pdf
24 III Year V Semester Income Tax Law and Practices – I View Pdf
25 III Year V Semester Value Education View Pdf
26 III Year VI Semester Advanced Cost Accounting View Pdf
27 III Year VI Semester Management Accounting View Pdf
28 III Year VI Semester Business Environment View Pdf
29 III Year VI Semester Income Tax Law and Practice –II View Pdf
30 III Year VI Semester Human Resources Management View Pdf