Welcome to Department of B.Com Corporate Secretaryship
Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name E-Content
1 I YEAR/ I SEMESTER Business Communication View Pdf
2 I YEAR/ I SEMESTER International Trade View Pdf
3 I YEAR/ I SEMESTER Basis of retail marketing (NME) View Pdf
4 I YEAR/ II SEMESTER Advanced Financial Accounting View Pdf
5 I YEAR/ II SEMESTER Corporate Management View Pdf
6 I YEAR/ II SEMESTER Business Economics View Pdf
7 I YEAR/ II SEMESTER NME-Event Management View Pdf
8 I YEAR/ III SEMESTER Corporate Accounting I View Pdf
9 II YEAR/ III SEMESTER Company Law and Secretarial Practice View Pdf
10 II YEAR/III SEMESTER Business Statistics View Pdf
11 II YEAR/ IV SEMESTER Advanced Corporate Accounting - II View Pdf
12 II YEAR/ IV SEMESTER Indirect Taxation View Pdf
13 II YEAR/ IV SEMESTER Securities Law & Market Operation View Pdf
14 II YEAR/ V SEMESTER Management Accounting View Pdf
15 II YEAR/ V SEMESTER Securities Law & Market Operations View Pdf
16 II YEAR/ V SEMESTER Income Tax Law & Practice -I View Pdf
17 II YEAR/ V SEMESTER Commercial Law View Pdf
18 II YEAR/ VI SEMESTER Entrepreneurial Development View Pdf
19 II YEAR/ VI SEMESTER Cost Accounting View Pdf
20 III YEAR/ VI SEMESTER Industrial Law View Pdf
21 III YEAR/ VI SEMESTER Income Tax Law & Practice -II View Pdf
22 III YEAR/ VI SEMESTER Goods & Service Tax View Pdf