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Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name E-Content
1 I Year I Semester Advanced Corporate Accounting and Accounting Standards View Pdf
2 I Year I Semester Financial Management View Pdf
3 I Year I Semester Organizational Behavior View Pdf
4 I Year I Semester Managerial Economics View Pdf
5 I Year I Semester Customer Relationship Management View Pdf
6 I Year II Semester Advanced cost and Management Accounting View Pdf
7 I Year II Semester Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions View Pdf
8 I Year II Semester Marketing of Services View Pdf
9 I Year II Semester Total Quality Management View Pdf
10 I Year II Semester Consumer Behaviour View Pdf
11 II Year III Semester Fundamentals of Information Technology View Pdf
12 II Year III Semester Research Methodology View Pdf
13 II Year III Semester Knowledge Management View Pdf
14 II Year III Semester Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility View Pdf
15 II Year III Semester Consumer Rights and Education View Pdf
16 II Year III Semester Advertising and Salesmanship View Pdf
17 II Year IV Semester Management Information Systems View Pdf
18 II Year IV Semester Security Analysis And Portfolio Management View Pdf
19 II Year IV Semester Merchant Banking and Financial Services View Pdf
20 II Year IV Semester International Marketing View Pdf