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Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a 3 – Year under Graduate Programme Spread over six semesters. The Course is designed to bridge the gap between IT industries and Academic institutes by incorporating the latest development, into the Curriculum and to give students a complete understanding within a structured framework. The Course helps the students to build-up a successful Career in Computer Science and for pursuing higher studies in Computer Science.



BCA department started during the year 2000 with 19 students and one staff. After 2008 onwards the strength becomes 50 in each class. From the year 2009 December onwards the department functions with 4 staff and 150 students. Totally 19 batches of students got their degree successfully.

The Department of Computer Applications is one of the pioneering Departments of the institution. It is committed to impart quality education in the sub-fields of IT, a field growing leaps and bounds. It is dedicated to the mission of inculcating value-based, socially committed professionalism to the cause of overall development of students and society. The students are provided with ample opportunities to improve their organizational skills and group dynamics. They are motivated to handle seminars and to participate in group discussions. On consistent and good academic performance, the department encourages participation in the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to bring out the latent talents in its students.

The Department of Computer Application is an active department which focuses on the bright future of the students. Our ambition is to provide the most current knowledge and the skills for the individuals to get them shaped as professionals. We encourage and guide the students for their future in the IT sector. The students are well trained in the current platforms of the IT world apart from the academic curriculum. BCA Department students achieved the precious award “MAR GREGORION” of our college many times. Also BCA students achieved the “BEST OUTGOING AWARD” many times. Also we proudly announce that some of our students were placed in top companies like Wipro, TCS and Infosys  through a campus placement.



  • To bring out the hidden talents within the students.
  • To guide the students for writing competitive exams.
  • To make them aware of the current IT trends.

 To train them to attend MNC’s interview.   



  • Provide strong foundations in fundamentals of Computer Science and applications, inter disciplinary courses and electives for widening the domain expertise.
  • Design and develop software based solutions for real world problems, serving effectively to the requirements of computer field and Society
  • Attain sufficient knowledge related to computer domains, possesses technical, soft and hard skills and apply them effectively in team work
  • Empower the students with competencies in creative thinking and problem solving, inter-personal communication and managerial skills.


  • Computational Knowledge
  • Problem analysis & Solving
  • Design & Development of Solutions
  • Modern tool usage
  • Communication skills
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Societal & environmental concern


After Completion of the course, the students are expected to

  • Understand the basic principles and concepts of Computer applications and integrate the knowledge gained in Computer application domain with practical needs of the society and be an ethically and socially responsible Computer Application Professional
  • Explore emerging technologies in diverse areas of Computer Application and inculcate skills for successful career, entrepreneurship and higher studies
  • Ability to apply the concepts of Computer and practices via emerging technologies and Software development tools.

  1.7 ELIGIBILITY       

Pass in Higher Secondary or equivalent with Computer Science or Mathematics or Business Mathematics or Statistics



 Well equipped Computer Laboratory with Internet Facility, Projector.



Major: Problem Solving using Python, Problem Solving using Python Lab, Data Structures, Java programming, Computer Organization, Data Structures using Java Lab, Financial Accounting, Open Source Technologies, Computer Network, E-Commerce technologies, Open Source Technologies Lab, Cost and Management Accounting, Software Engineering, Operating System, Operating System Lab, Relational Database Management System, PL/SQL Lab, Web Design and Development, Data Mining, Mobile Application Development, Mobile Application Development Lab, Mini Project

      Elective: Multimedia and its Applications, IoT and its applications

     Allied: Allied Mathematics – I, Allied Mathematics - II, Financial Accounting and Cost and  

     Management Accounting.

     Orientation: Assignments, Seminars, PPT Presentation, Industrial Visit, Survey, Explanation

     through Practical Demonstration.




Students can pursue their career as a Programmer, Software Developer, System Analyst, Data Analyst, Web Designer, Software Engineer, Software Tester, Mobile App Developer, Hardware Engineer, Technical Support Developer, Technical Associate, Customer Support Technician.



 Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, TCS, Aricent, CapGemini, Accenture and other leading Companies.


1.12 University Rank Holders (2009 – 2012)

  1. Alice Beulah Devakirubai - Universtiy 7th Rank in Tamil, 28th Rank in Major
  2. Amala Christina - Universtiy 8th Rank in Tamil, 56th Rank in Major
  3. Dilip Chandran – Universtiy 9th Rank in Hindi
  4. Ramani R - Universtiy 17th Rank in Tamil
  5. Deepika S Universtiy 19th Rank in Tamil
  6. Alexander Carlier - Universtiy 30th Rank in Tamil
  7. Pavithra K - Universtiy 32nd Rank in Tamil
  8. Suganya - Ramani R - Universtiy 17th Rank in Tamil
  9. Ranjith Kumar - Ramani R - Universtiy 17th Rank in Tamil
  10. Deepika S Universtiy 19th Rank in Tamil
  11. Alexander Carlier - Universtiy 30th Rank in Tamil
  12. Pavithra K - Universtiy 38th  Rank in Tamil
  13. Sumathi  - Universtiy 68th Rank in Major, Ramani R - Universtiy 40th Rank in Tamil
  14. Deepika S Universtiy 19th Rank in Tamil
  15. Alexander Carlier - Universtiy 30th Rank in Tamil
  16. Pavithra K - Universtiy 32nd Rank in Tamil

University Rank Holders (2010 – 2013)

  1. Astalakshmi – 51st Rank in Major

University Rank Holders (2011 – 2014)

  1. G. Hemalatha -  29th Rank in Major
  2. G. Saranya -  52nd Rank in Major

Awards Achieved by our Students

2009 – 2012 Batch Alice Beulah Devakirubai – Catechism Award

2010 - 2013 Batch Suganya – Mar Gregorion Award

2011 – 2014 Batch Raj Kumar Mar Gregorion Award

2011 – 2014 Batch – Shaji – Best NSS Award

2011 – 2014 Batch – G. Saranya – Best Women Award

2012 – 2015 – D. Abinaya - Special Award

2012 – 2015 – Rajeshwari - Special Award

2013 – 2016– S. Pradeep – Best NSS Award

2014 – 2017 - S. Sudha – Mar Gregorion Award

2014 – 2017 – W. Sanchez Fernandez – Best Women Award

2015 – 2018 – A. Ashok Kumar got Best NCC Award & He attended State Rd Parade (during his 2nd year)

2016 – 2019 Gayathri – Best Outgoing Student Award

2017 – 2020 Deepika – Pearl of MGC Award

2020 – 2021 K.Kirsten Kennedy - Special Award

2020 – 2021 Aravind Rajan - Special Award