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Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name E-Content
1 I year I Semester Basic Circuit Theory View Pdf
2 I year I Semester NME Office Automation View Pdf
3 I year II Semester Electronic Devices View Pdf
4 I year II Semester NME Basics Of Nutrition View Pdf
5 II Year III Semester Amplifiers and Oscillators View Pdf
6 II Year III Semester Allied - Basic Physics I View Pdf
7 II Year IV Semester Foundation Course III Principles of Communication View Pdf
8 II Year IV Semester Digital Electronics View Pdf
9 II Year IV Semester Allied - Basic Physics II View Pdf
10 III Year V Semester Microprocessor (Intel 8085) View Pdf
11 III Year V Semester Antennas and Television Engineering View Pdf
12 III Year V Semester Electrical and Electronics Instrumentation View Pdf
13 III Year V Semester Elective Industrial Electronics View Pdf
14 III Year VI Semester Microcontroller View Pdf
15 III Year VI Semester Advanced Electronics View Pdf
16 III Year VI Semester Computer Networks View Pdf
17 III Year VI Semester Elective Medical Electronics View Pdf