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Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name E-Content
1 I Year First Semester Problem Solving using Python View Pdf
2 I Year First Semester Allied I: Mathematics I View Pdf
3 I Year First Semester NME (office automation) View Pdf
4 I Year Second Semester Object Oriented Programming Concepts using C ++ View Pdf
5 I Year Second Semester Allied II: Mathematics II View Pdf
6 II year Third Semester Data Structures View Pdf
7 II year Third Semester Java programming View Pdf
8 II year Third Semester Computer Organization View Pdf
9 II year Third Semester Allied III: Financial Accounting View Pdf
10 II Year Fourth Semester Computer Network View Pdf
11 II Year Fourth Semester Open Source Technologies View Pdf
12 II Year Fourth Semester E-Commerce Technologies View Pdf
13 II Year Fourth Semester Allied IV: Cost and Management Accounting View Pdf
14 III Year Fifth Semester Database Management System View Pdf
15 III Year Fifth Semester Software Engineering View Pdf
16 III Year Fifth Semester Resource Management Techniques View Pdf
17 III Year Fifth Semester Elective –I Visual Programming View Pdf
18 III Year Sixth Semester Web Technology View Pdf
19 III Year Sixth Semester Data Communication and Networking View Pdf
20 III Year Sixth Semester Software Testing View Pdf
21 III Year Sixth Semester Elective –II E Commerce View Pdf
22 III Year Sixth Semester Elective –III Multimedia Systems View Pdf